The Gift and Other Stories for Children

This page of stories and poems for children is something about which I have been thinking long and hard.  I know that many of the stories and poems on this site are of the kind that you may not wish to expose your children, and until now, I couldn’t think of how to incorporate my stories for children into this site.  What you see here, therefore, is a series of stories that are appropriate for children, but which you will have to print off and present to them yourself.  I’ve included questions that you may wish to discuss with your children for some, while for others, I have left the endings question-free so that your discussion can take any direction of your choosing.

Several of these stories were written for a project with which I was involved a few years ago, to help to improve the parenting skills of my fellow Jamaicans. That time in my life is long passed, but as I complete my studies and am finally able to get back into my creative writing I can assure you that I’ll find the time to write other stories for children related to other themes – so please, just bear with me!

As I type this, I am thinking of doing this in two sections: stories for children and stories for VERY young children.  In my stories for children I think that I’ll put stories that children aged 6-10 might enjoy and for the very young they would be appropriate for children under 6 years old.  Naturally, I leave it up to you to decide what is appropriate for your child.


Stories for VERY young children:

Manny’s Surprise

 Meet Dot, the Spot


Stories for children:

Command Performance

The Gift

The Little Bully

The Magic Wedding Dress

The Mystery of the Missing Mangoes


Poems for Children:

The Four Mouseketeers



Please click here for a free short story writing tutorial.



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