Raising her Voice and Other Poems About Women



Music: Alicia Keyes – A Woman’s Worth (from Songs in A Minor)

My second English-language anthology, Raising Her Voice and other poems about women is an exploration of identity, courage and feminism in these images and poems about women.  The poems about women here will have a more uncompromising tone than is heard in the other collections because for me, this is a very serious issue.  I hope that you will enjoy them nevertheless since even though they are a more interogative inquiry, they are meant to be thoughtful, and will, hopefully, at times, manage to be fun.

So far there are only a few poems about women in the discussion… but I know that this collection will grow since, as a woman, these issues haunt me.  I have begun to ask myself why it is that women are still so disadvantaged even in countries that claim enlightenment?  It is a theme that I feel led to explore even in my academic studies, and I think that you will have witnessed the emergence of yet another strand in the focus of my doctoral work: a greater curiousity about the role of women in organisations. Why is it that their missions and visions differ from those of men?  Why are they punished by the business world for this?

Of course, the issue of whether writing poems about women will help anyone has just occurred to me.  Shouldn’t I go out there and put my MBA to good use and start a business.  Perhaps pausing to write these poems about women will help, since they may allow me to clarify the motives that fuel my own career.  I’ll let you know how it goes…



Raising her voice, and other poems about women:


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Photo credit: Thanks to my sister, Dianne, one of the strongest women I know.

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