Mask and Other Poems


I know that many of my poems may seem harsh at times, but this is because in them, I turn to confront my disappointment with certain aspects of my life.  I choose to see this in a more positive light, however.  I think that I am becoming more courageous by confronting my angst, in this very public way in my poems and stories.

While I realise that everyone is disappointed with aspects of his or her life, and that for many, this has proven to be a motivational thing that spurs them on to higher heights, I think that there can come a point when this striving becomes counter productive, and so have deleterious effects on these persons.

I have wondered to myself why it is that I have allowed myself to wallow in the state of angst that the constant striving, bourne of dissatisfaction with my life, has caused.  I think that realising that I can write these poems, these little notes to myself, has caused me to mature to the point where I understand that this is not necessary, and I’m going to see if I can identify specific targets and achieve those and perhaps rest every now and then.

The time that I spend writing poems serves as the little pit stops that I take in life.  These are the little interludes that I take to do my mental maintenance checks.  There are times when I feel that I need a little overhauling, and there are times when I know that all will be well just as things are. There will be times when I understand the crew and there are times when the people around me seem to be speaking Danish!

Whatever happens though, I plan to just sit back, relax and be pampered while I write these little poems for my own amusement…



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One Response to Mask and Other Poems

  1. Bomb says:

    GB….. wow… u’ve come a long way from writing the odd story online….
    T H I S …….
    this is awesome….
    I seriously wish you the very best !


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