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Welcome to my page of novel ideas.  Here I will give you a sneak peek into the various stories (short and novel length in my mind) that I’m writing.  Even though none of the things that you will read here are anywhere near done, I would still like your opinion about them.

I’m still thinking this through as I type this, and I’m thinking that I’ll have about two or three outlines here… not more than that at any time, and depending on how the comments go I’ll work on those stories that seem to have most resonance.  I can see myself learning much from gaining some understanding in what people wish to read through this process.

Please note that I’m not going to ask for recommendations about where I ought to go with the stories…I don’t want any issues with hammering out the ownership rights to my creative efforts and all the novel ideas in my stories and novels when I become rich and famous… LOL… All I want to know right now is if you would like to read more if I proceed along the direction in which I am going.

  •  Letters from a Stalker – I’m thinking of writing other little detective stories about Anton Judge and his colleagues mainly because I’m a big fan of these kinds of detectives that I see on Sunday nights on Masterpiece Mysteries… LOL…  As yet, I’m not sure if I want to do a series of novellas about them or if I want to make this one chapter in a book about them… I’m leaning toward the novellas idea but we’ll see. That said, I want you to read this as one of my political statements.  I support gay and transgender rights!  I am neither gay nor a trans-woman myself, but like Det. Judge, I see nothing wrong with people loving whomever they wish. If you genuinely cannot stomach the thought of this then please do not read any further since many of my stories will carry the theme of people being allowed to live peacefully in the manner of their choosing so long as their lives do not harm anyone else, and so long as all other participants in their lives are also consenting adults.
  • The Editor – The opening salvo on what I hope will be a romance novel (no, not blatant erotica) about a couple rediscovering each other.


Please check here for my set of completed short stories in the Trying Times and Other Stories collection.

Please click here for tips on how to write a novel.



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