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Gabrielle Burns is a Jamaican at play here in this virtual space: her journal, her playground.  Gabrielle is the feminisation of the name given to the archangel who served as the occasional messenger from God; Burns, as used here is a verb; not a noun. These expressions of her artistry are a note to self.

Gabrielle has written poems, stories and essays and done vocal performances under other names, elsewhere on the Net during previous quests to “find” herself.  She has explored a different aspect of her personality under each of these personas; and has chosen not to shut them down completely because she now views them with the benevolent affection of an old friend. 

When she’s being Gabrielle, Ms.  Burns is working at stepping outside her rut of procrastination and alleviating her depression and anger.  She writes words that get to the core of her fear at the moments when she’s writing them.  Through these words she attempts to describe and confront the shadowy mental monsters that terrorise her from time to time. 

This is not to say that the poems are all dark and depressing (or indeed that all of them are to be understood by English-language speakers); some of them are actually a celebration of the blessings that she has received during her life and her joy at being a Jamaican; and others have been translated into Danish by one of her best friends.

In time, Gabrielle hopes to get back onto her laptop, and rescue some more of her stories and photos, and have translations of her work into Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Romanian, Spanish and Swahili done.  These, ultimately, are a statement of her celebration of her quirky sense of humour and her connection to all of Humanity.

If you wish to contact Gabrielle Burns please do so here.

2 Responses to Information pAge

  1. Dewolf says:

    :) Good luck with your page babe!

  2. Woody Johnson says:

    Great start. Like the layout and the feeling! You should do well, my dear! I hope the world watches and learns.

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