The Gabrielle Burns Anthologies

Welcome, my friends, to the Gabrielle Burns Anthologies.  This is my stage, my playground, my new home and I invite you to relax and make yourself comfortable here.


A brief exlanation of my bow…

I’m taking my curtain call early, since you may not choose to applaud me later on after you’ve read the little essays in my blog about life in Jamaica: When GOD created JAMAICA, He was just showing off, or waded through the poems in my various anthologies: (Duppy and Other Poems, Mask and Other Poems and Raising Her Voice and Other Poems); or the explored the worlds created in my stories in The Gift and Other Stories for Children, and in  Trying Times and Other Stories, or told me what you think about my Novel Ideas, or listened to the musings in my audios in Wanna Hear My Voice? and looked at my PhotoJournal, the gallery in which I invite you to admire with me, the beautiful things in my life.

Of course, more positively, this is also a genuflection, to signal to you my profound gratitude that you have come here to spend some time with me.  Believe me, I know that you’re busy.  Indeed, it was to cut down on my own frantic response to life that I created this website.  This is my retreat, my sanctuary if you will, and while I enjoy the solitude here at times, I do welcome guests every now and then.

So please, come right in; relax, have a cup of tea, a glass of lemonade, a cold Red Stripe beer or whatever it is that makes you feel alright, and enjoy a browse through my various collections in this, the Gabrielle Burns Anthologies.

And…once again, thank you for being here…

- Gabrielle Burns

4 Responses to The Gabrielle Burns Anthologies

  1. Whether we don a mask……or hide in the darkness…..the world is still here…..and we are the supporting cast, TK U MLJ LV NV

  2. I’m trying to move beyond being in the chorus. I want to take one of the leading roles.

  3. Daina Parchment says:

    Inspiring and I just stopped by for a week visit. God bless!

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