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I want to thank you for visiting! I do not take the fact that you have chosen to spend time with me, Gabrielle Burns, a woman whom you may or may not know, (or who you may THINK you know) for granted.  I know how busy you are.  I was so busy and overly stressed that I had to create this site in order to have a place in which I could just stop to breathe!  I imagine that you may wish to stop here too until you can make alternative arrangements.

So, if you find a typo, or broken link, or if you wish to discuss any poem, story, essay, opinion expressed or photograph seen here (or if you recognise me from other sites and want to know why I haven’t included some of my other pieces in these collections) please drop me a line… Yes!  Contact me!  Please!  I’ll keep the conversation light (if you wish) or get into the kind of sparring that those who know me know that I revel in.

This site is my journal, but I really don’t mind you looking over my shoulder as I write in it, since my life is really an open book.  I have always striven to be authentic and so I can admit freely that if it were not for some of my friends and relatives, I would not have found the courage to heal myself, so I thank them, and you, and appear in these pages for my big reveal!

-Gabrielle Burns

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