When GOD created JAMAICA, He was just showing off!



When GOD created JAMAICA, He was just showing off!

Hey there!  You know me, I had to have a flamboyant page name.  So yes, this is my blog! I know that there are many, MANY sites that celebrate the beauty of my little island, Jamaica, and yes, this is just one more.  This is a celebration of my sense of priviledge at being born and bred here.  It’s one of the strange things about me, I’m as nationalistic as they come, even while giving up on the world in general.

I have wondered what this site will say for and about me.  I imagine that that will unfold over the next few months and result in something that even I have not anticipated.  This said, I will do things my way.  I will take my own photographs, not of the tourist traps, but the sites that I see daily and have only just begun not to take for granted.  I will speak about the people whom I admire; even if they are not my nation’s National Heroes.  I will discuss Reggae and Dancehall, but I will talk about Jamaican Jazz as well… You get the picture, don’t you?

Well, let’s get on with it…

Appreciating Appreciative Inquiry

Attracting Foreign Direct Investment to Jamaica

Being Away

Bumper Stickers

Car crash

Counting my blessings… why wait for 2015?

Croatian Translations

Developing HIP Organisations in Jamaica


Farewell, Orkut

Farewell, Uncle Astley

F is for Failure: My customer “service” experience with Digicel

Fun in the sun: Staycation in Jamaica

Giving Thanks

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy New Year!

I lied…(An open letter to a friend)

I’m grateful for…

I’m Losing Weight!

In Search of Innocence

Journey through Jamaica

Keeping it Real

Leaving Resentment Behind

Let Justice Reign

Mentors and Heroes

Neo Jamaican Nursery Rhymes

New Leaves

Overcoming Disappointment

Preparing for a Better Life

Project Planning Lessons Learned

Quick Gift Ideas

Reflecting about the use of language in Jamaica

Reflections About Easter and Magical Thinking

Some Reflections on Crime and Punishment and Love

Sunday Afternoon Blues

The 141 greatest Jamaicans? You decide…

The view from the other side

Thinking critically about critical thinking

Ultimate triumphs: A test of character for Brazil

Very Well Done: A guide to offering constructive criticism

Waking up is hard to do

Weapons of mass destruction

Year-in-Review – 2014

Zeroing in on the “value” of informalism

2 Responses to When GOD created JAMAICA, He was just showing off!

  1. L. R. Taylor says:

    When one looks at the Jamaican culture, it does appear indeed that God was showing off. The numerous world-conquering athletes, musicians, actors, etc… it seems as though Jamaicans can thrive in any arena. Having never been there, but being friends with a few Jamaicans, I must say that there is a great desire within me to visit the land that has epitomized the Caribbean for so long.

  2. TJ Gallivan says:

    Love Love Love Jamaica!

    I love how hot it is there and how Jamaicans love their paradise as well as their hot foods.

    I also love your blog. :D

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