Ultimate triumphs: A test of character for Brazil

I have to say that although I have supported Germany since the start of the World Cup 2014 in football last month I look forward to the third place playoff between Brazil and the Netherlands tomorrow with bated breath.  For me, this will be a test of character for Brazil, and I want to see them rise to the occasion, the great Dutchmen, Arjen Robben and Robin van Persie, not withstanding.

Although I have supported Germany from the start, always liked the Netherlands since the days of Ruud Gullit, and although I had predicted that Argentina rather than Brazil would make it to the final, I did not anticipate, or enjoy watching, what happened  to Brazil on Tuesday.  I had predicted a thrilling and well-fought 2:3 score in favour of Germany, not 1:7!  While I cannot say that I have shed any tears, it has left me with a slightly depressed mood, and with the uncomfortable feeling that I too, leave all my eggs in one or two baskets in some areas of my life, and that that renders me just as vulnerable as the Brazilian side.

I, too, have had to learn about drawing on my strength of character in recent weeks, and I hope to be able to call on the Brazilian spirit to help me to reach for my inner champion whenever things take a downward turn.  I believe that it is only in pulling oneself up from adversity and in holding one’s head high that one can truly be called triumphant, and a winner.  The Brazilians can still make this THEIR World Cup.  They will do this by coming out and playing like champions on Saturday, and by turning up in Rio on Sunday to support the Germans and Argentinians, their guests, in the finals.  It is true that this was not the way that any Brazilian wished this World Cup to be scripted, but perhaps, we will remember the Brazilian World Cup campaign for the strength of character of the players and for the class of their supporters, rather than for the fact that they had one very terrible day while playing in the semi-finals (a place that most countries can only dream of reaching)…

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