The Four Mouseketeers

This morning, I found four tiny brown kittens,
cowering in a basket near my kitchen stairs.
I looked at my mother who put on her mittens
saying “Don’t even ask it! And no more of those tears!”

“Alright,” she said later, “we really can’t keep them,
But I’ll help you to find them some jolly good homes.
We can start down the lane by old Mr. Wayne, and then
We’ll swing by that nice Mrs. Jones.”

I didn’t like that idea even one little bit.
I wanted them all to stay on as brothers.
And if they lived in different places then it
would mean each little one would miss all the others.

So, I cannot say that I felt any great sorrow.
At least I’d have them for the whole day!
Since no one was home, we’d go back tomorrow,
but maybe by then I’d think of a way.

So I fed them some fish, then we played with my ball,
Sirs Chorley and Algernon, proved brave little ones,
so I dubbed them all knights of my mother’s Great Hall.
Sir Conti’s the cutest, the smartest, Sir Hans.

Then I did all my chores, and Mummy did all the cooking
to celebrate that my Aunt Cathy was leaving!
The kittens behaved, and did all the looking
as we got ready for our party that evening,

I felt very sad, but my mummy said, “No,
She’s just bought a new farm in the country, my dear.
It’s a very good thing for Aunt Cathy to go.
It’s an exciting new life, so be of good cheer.”

I tried to look happy, but it just wasn’t true,
Then I had an idea, and it was a gem!
I’d be losing Aunt Cathy and the kittens too,
But I brushed off my boys and put bows on them.

“Aunty Cathy,” I said, “I have something nice.
When you move to your new country farm,
here are some kittens to chase away any mice
that might come to live in your beautiful barn.”

Soon, everyone was cheering, and I with the rest.
My aunty was pleased that not even one mouse,
with my gifts on guard, and doing their best,
would get passed these kittens and into her house.

And much later that night, my aunt held me tight
And said, “Sweetie, there’s really no need for your tears,
I’ll be quite alright, from morning  til’ night,
‘Cause I’m protected by four little mouseketeers!”



About Gabrielle Burns

I am a Jamaican at play here in this vast playground in cyberspace....Yes, at times I do like to live dangerously, but I AM also working hard at becoming more interesting by the day... :)
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