Weapons of Mass Destruction


- Anger, Autocracy, Apathy, Arrogance, Antagonism, Anxiety
– Bitterness, Blind obedience, Baseness, Bad Attitudes, Bribery, Bureaucracy
– Complaining, Cowardice, Child Abuse, Cynicism, Callousness, Covetousness, Classism. Colour prejudice, Controversy
– Doubt, Disrespect, Devilry, Despotism, Dogmatism
– Envy, Egotism, Environmental degradation
– Fundamentalism, Folly, Fanaticism, Fear
– Graft, Greed, Gossip, Gender inequity, globalisation (unchecked)
– Hedging one’s bets, Hate, Hunger, Hysteria, Hesitation in the face of necessary action, Hopelessness, Homelessness
– Inaccessibility of opportunity, Ignorance, Inequity, Inequality, Illegal logging and mining of the earth’s resources, Idolatry, Insensitivity, Inactivity, International Financial Institutions, Injustice, Insolence, Ingratitude, Insolvency
– Jealousy, Jaundiced views of life
– Knavery, Kickbacks, Know-it-all attitudes in people
– Looseness of thought and action, Lust, Laziness, Licentiousness, Law without justice or compassion
– Mysogeny, Misanthropy, Misery, Meanness, Moral depravity, Maliciousness
– Nosiness, Noise, Neoliberalism (unchecked)
– Obstinacy, Over-loquacity, Obedience to blind and primative causes, Over-ambition
– Pride, Prejudice, Political upheaval, Poverty
– Quarrelsomeness, Quiet in the face of evil, Quitting before your work is done, Qualifications fraud
– Recklessness, Religious intolerance, Rankism, Repression, Revolution without a just cause
– Stereotyping, Savagery, Sloth, Snobbery, Scandals in the news, Statutes of limitation, Suppression
– Turpitude, Time-wasting, Transnational and global companies (unchecked and unbalanced)
– Uncertainty, Ugliness, Unethical behaviour, Unhealthy rivalry
– Vapidity, Viciousness, Vice, Vacuuousness,
– Wastefulness, Wanton destruction of the means of production (including the human spirit), Weapons, War, Weak leadership, Wrath
– X-Rated Movies (I know, I know… I was really stretching it here. Someone really ought to do something about the letter X) :o)
– Yahooliganism (Read Gulliver’s Travels), Yawping, Youth unemployment
– Zealotry

These inimical attitudes and actions that we endorse, and the debilitating activities around us in the social, economic and psychological ethos that we believe have nothing to do with us, can destroy our civilisations more surely and more quickly than any weapons of mass destruction “created” by hostile parties. We need to beware these vices in our own lives, for unchecked, they will destroy us all.  In the spirit of fighting fire with fire, our main weapon against these ills is to be vigilant and courageous in action and protest.  I believe that the power of the mosquito should inspire us all to make our voices and actions count.

Nantsew ye.

About Gabrielle Burns

I am a Jamaican at play here in this vast playground in cyberspace....Yes, at times I do like to live dangerously, but I AM also working hard at becoming more interesting by the day... :)
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