Marking Time

Time stands still for a couple having a little tryst.

Most of the dialogue here is in Jamaican Patois. I have done things this way because I think that the Patois has a lyrical quality to it that Standard Jamaican English (SJE) doesn’t quite capture, and it is the way that many Jamaicans speak when backstage with close friends and relatives. Certainly the blend between SJE and the Patois is there for many even if SJE is the onstage presentation at work and broadly socially. If you read it and sound the words phonetically you should be able to understand what is being said. If not, please feel free to ask me. – GB

The couple on the bed pause suddenly and listen, shocked, breathing heavily. The man has been fucking the voluptuous woman violently. She is sopping wet and ready for him; primed just the way he likes her. Her legs fall from near her ears and wrapped around his torso to trap him. She needs little encouragement because he wants to stay. He is so hard that it is painful. He needs to cum but this interruption is like a pail of cold water taken straight in the face. He has just swallowed her low moan and a filthy exhortation in a harsh kiss when they first hear the voice. They glance at each other. The man shakes his head slightly and sighs heavily. The woman frowns and hisses her teeth.

“Eric? You in there?” shouts a voice from outside. “Eric?”

“Me a come,” the man shouts back finally when he accepts that his friend will not leave. He does not want to leave the woman but he must. He gives her nipple one last, lingering suck and a painful little bite and turning over, he bounds out of the bed and grabs his clothes. He turns to the naked woman at his side, smiling ruefully.

“Trust me,” he whispers and leaves the room.

The woman lies in bed. She closes her eyes and winces. Her nipples are painfully erect, her body trembling with need. She needs to cum! Damn that man, Eric! Why must he be such a goody-goody! Why can’t he leave the fucker outside? Who would expect someone to still receive guests at this hour? Why answer the door?

The woman bites her bottom lip and hisses her teeth again. She is very disappointed. She thinks of her pleasure denied. She sighs and tries to fight off angry tears. She glances at the clock on the night table next to the bed. She sees that it shows 1:30. He throws herself in the bed again and screams silently.

The woman listens to the men speak and laugh. She frowns again. Eventually, she hears a door slam and a gate clank. The woman sits up and glances at the clock. She sees that it is now 1:59. The woman hears two cars start up and drive away.

The woman punches the pillow on which the man was lying, twice. She hurls the pillow to the floor. The woman grabs her own face and presses her long nails into the skin at her hairline. The woman screams silently. The woman massages her temples, sighs and shrugs her shoulders. She glances at the clock. She sees that it is now 2:05. The woman then gets up and dresses quickly. She wipes her still wet cunt in the bed sheets, leaving her musk for Eric to smell whenever he decides to return. She wants to torture him.

The woman walks to the living room and sits in a chair. She pulls her legs to her chest and hugs herself. She stares at the blank screen of the television standing in front of her. She peers toward the clock on the wall. The woman closes her eyes and continues to rock herself gently. She hears a car stop outside. She rises from the chair, turns on the television and stares at a point on the wall just above it. She glances at the clock on the wall. She sees that it shows 2:16.

The man opens the door at 2:18. He chuckles.

“Close call…”


The man is fucking the woman violently. She likes it rough, and he likes to oblige her. This is their third time tonight and still she isn’t gentle with him. She is ravenous and so is he when he is with her. A lady in the boardroom and on the social scene; but he has no words for what she is in the bedroom! He did not know that it was possible for a woman’s legs to really bend back and rest around her own ears without her toppling over! Fucking contortionist! Yes!

The man hears a voice calling his name and asking if he is here. He plows his thick dribbling cock into the woman’s slick hole a few more times hoping that his friend will leave if they remain quiet enough. The voice is insistent though. It demands that he respond. The voice outside excites and frightens him. As lovely as she is, he does not wish this man to know what he has been doing. It would be very embarrassing at best. He winces, groans, withdraws and looks momentarily at the woman. The woman frowns. The man rises from the bed. He dresses hurriedly and whispers to her. He has made a choice. He tries to reassure her. The woman stares angrily at him. He knows that there will be hell to pay later.

The man walks to the veranda. He opens the gate and lets another man into the house. The men shake hands and slap each other on the back.

“What you doing here so late, man? It’s 1:30!”

“I’m just leaving. I was working and I fell asleep, but I have to go.”

“I was just passing and I saw the car. I came to see if you were here…”

The men continue to talk and laugh and drink two bottles of beer. The man, Eric, packs some books and clothes into a black bag. He picks up a bunch of keys from the coffee table. He glances toward the door, smiles at his friend and looks at his watch. It is 1:57.

“Boy, I have a rough day tomorrow,” he lies smoothly. “I really was leaving just as you came along, you know. Let’s make it another evening. I can’t manage it tonight.”

“That’s cool man.”

His friend looks disappointed but tries to put a brave smile on. It does not quite work. There is something cold and angry about him tonight. It might be good for them to talk, but not tonight. He needs to get back to bed as soon as possible.

The two men walk to the veranda and Eric switches off the light as he locks the door. He locks the grille gate to the veranda and walks toward his car with his companion.

“Whose car is that?”

“I don’t know. It must be someone for the people next door.”

“It’s just that it’s parked right at your gate.”

“No man… Them had a whole heap a car here earlier…”

The men talk for a little while longer. They get into their cars and drive away. The man looks at his watch. It is 2:05. He drives around the streets for a while. He gazes at his watch it is now 2:14. He drives to the gate of the house in which he has left the sexy, naked woman. The man walks quickly up the driveway, opens the grille and lets himself in.

The man opens the door at 2:18. He chuckles.

“Close call. I’m sorry about that. George really is a real pain sometimes, man; but he mi fren. Mi did jus waan get rid ah him.”

“Yuh not telling me anything I don’t know! What sort of person comes to visit people at 1:30 in the morning?”

“He’s lonely. Sad. Marriage breaking down and everything. You know that’s how he is…”

“Why didn’t you tell him you couldn’t speak with him now?” she interrupts. She does not want to hear any excuses.

“No man I can’t do that!”

“Why not? Just tell him that you’re in bed with your woman!”

“And if he asks to meet you?” he asks trying to calm her.

“Now? No! No sane person would do that!”

The man looks away from the woman and sighs. The woman’s voice is becoming shrill. She wants to quarrel instead of finishing up where they left off. She’s fully dressed again and shows no sign of wanting to return to his bed.


A man looks over the balcony. He chuckles wryly.

“What happen? Why you laughing?”

“Nuh a mad man gone to visit di people at number three at dis hour of di night.”

“So? It’s still early.”

“The man is in there with him girlfriend.”

The four men glance at each other and guffaw. They turn back to their dominoes, disinterested in their neighbours.

The four men hear two voices. One of them glances up and glimpses two men chatting at the gate of a house a few metres up the street.

The man sees two men get into their cars and drive away.

The man pauses, frowns, shakes his head, shrugs and turns back to his dominoes. He notes the time briefly, in case he ever needs to remember this moment for the police. It is just after 2 o’clock.


A man cruises through the streets. The roads are deserted. He glances at the clock on the dashboard. It is 1:28 a.m. He hisses his teeth. He is very angry and confused. His life is spiralling out of control. He wants things to return to the way they were before. He remembers how mean his wife was in telling him that this wish would never come true for him. He remembers the day when she got a restraining order against him.

He sees two cars parked at a gate. The man accelerates and skids to a halt in front of the two cars. The front one is a rental. He smiles broadly to himself as he takes two six-packs from the car to grease his way into the house, and opens the gate. Perhaps tonight will clear things up for him.

“Eric? You in there?” he shouts.

He knows that Eric, a man whom he has known since high school, is inside. He knows that he is not alone, but that doesn’t matter. Perhaps tonight he will get some relief. His marriage breaking down was a shock and he still doesn’t understand how it could have happened. He needs to ask them both to help him understand. Perhaps the woman can explain. He has burdened all his other friends with his drunken speculations he knows, but Eric and he go far back. Eric will help him, he reasons.

“Me a come!” he hears Eric cry out at last. He rolls his eyes at the double entendre. He is uncomfortable about thinking of his friend’s sexuality. He has seen women throw themselves at Eric over the years. Deep down he is jealous, but tries to like him anyway since, to be fair, he has always been a good friend until now. He has now become just as secretive and distant as everyone else. It can’t be the divorce; he doesn’t drink too much around Eric. It just doesn’t seem cool when he’s with him.

The man waits to be admitted to the house. He shakes Eric’s hand and slaps him on the back. He pitches himself into a chair and dangles one of the bottles at his host. He can see that Eric does not want him there. That is not surprising, but nevertheless, they chat, laugh and drink the beer.

“So how is Jennifer?” he asks finally.

“She fine man. She’s at a conference. Mi drop har at di airport yesterday. Mi should call har later today. See how it going,” Eric says quietly.

“Leave the woman nuh man. Yuh not supposed to have to follow, follow har up like dat…Let her concentrate on her work… She will miss you more..Yuh mussn mek yuh wife rule yuh!” George almost shouts.

They laugh at this. The mood becomes less tense.

The man watches the other man, Eric, as he packs his bag quickly. The man’s smile fades a little but he continues to chat, animatedly. He suspects that Eric’s woman is there. The place has a vaguely familiar musky odour and Eric has a sexual tension around him. He has seen it many times before. He does not believe that Eric is leaving. He wonders why Eric’s woman doesn’t just come out and meet him; have a drink like a civilised person.

The man sees Eric look surreptitiously at his watch. The man drags himself to the door reluctantly. He glances at his watch as well. It is just a few minutes after 2 o’clock; still early.

The two men laugh and chat at the gate. Neither one wants to leave the house.

“Whose car is that?”

“I don’t know. It must be someone for the people next door.”

“It’s just that it’s parked right at your gate.”

“No man… Them had a whole heap a car here earlier…”

The man shrugs. He chats for a little while longer with the other man. They get into their cars and drive away.

The man turns up the volume of the CD playing in his car as he speeds down the deserted streets. It is the song that he and his wife used to think of as “our song”. Suddenly, realisation dawns! He recognises the odour on his friend at last! He understands Eric’s sudden secrecy, and the rental car at the gate! He knows now why Eric’s woman won’t come out to meet him. He turns the car around and accelerates. He reaches into his glove compartment and pulls something out. It is cold, heavy and metallic.

“Today,” he laughs, mirthlessly, to himself. “Yes, Eric. I know. I going to ketch yuh wid har; an ah gwine kill di two a yuh to rass. Today.”


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I am a Jamaican at play here in this vast playground in cyberspace....Yes, at times I do like to live dangerously, but I AM also working hard at becoming more interesting by the day... :)
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