“It is instructive that I’ve found this video from looking for the keywords “becoming happy”… I’m just trying to hang on long enough to finish my PhD (because of the time and money already invested) so that I can spend the rest of my life writing novels, poems, screenplays and last, but not least, stories for children.  Already my passion is beginning to intrude on the time that I spend trying to close out this aspect of my life.  I find that I awaken every morning excited about finishing this and beginning that.” – Cinnamon Swann

I have had another epiphany.  I have learned HOW to be happy.  I’m not going to claim that I will never forget this again, but I believe that even if I do, I will be able to find my way back to this place… where I sit now, as I type this marker.

Many of you will already know that Cinnamon Swann is one of the personas that I have adopted for my online adventures.  Cinnamon is a lot wilder than I am, or so I thought until I began to get Gabrielle Burns-like epiphanies while being her.  Today is one such day, because it was today that I discovered that the reason that I have been so excited about being alive in the past few months is because I HAVE found my passion!  I know that despite being stuck in my soul-sucking job for now – and the claim of “being stuck” is something that we ought to discuss at some point, but for now we’ll leave it at that – is only palpable to me because I KNOW that I have promised myself that I WILL pursue my passion as a reward for taking in the lesson of having discipline and being able to delay gratification and doing hard work that I’m doing now with my studies and my two jobs.

My mental state is my reward.  I have CHOSEN to be happy RIGHT NOW!!! despite the fact that I’m not spending the bulk of my days crafting my stories and poems and helping people to find their own joy.  I ask you as you read this, to discover that one truly wants to help oneself and others to be as happy as we all can be and to think that one has found the roadmap to that kind of Nirvana here in Jamaica; what’s not to be happy about?

 Get Happy/Happy Days Are Here Again – just a pleasant reminder of this fact…


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I am a Jamaican at play here in this vast playground in cyberspace....Yes, at times I do like to live dangerously, but I AM also working hard at becoming more interesting by the day... :)
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