The poem here blends two experiences: confronting a ghost, and staring down a croaking lizard… The poem reflects the internal monologue that occurred while staring into those lifeless looking eyes of that lizard. If you think of the cold stare of a great white shark then you’ll know what I mean…


Mi nah go mek it happen to mi,
‘Im cyan drive mi fram mi wuk!
Mi nuh cya wah mi dah si
An how much time im try fi buck.
Mi nah go mek it tap mi fram do weh mi a do.
No duppy nah go frighten mi,
cause mi a duppy vanquisha.
So yuh hear weh mi a seh, man?
Mi ‘ope yuh undastan!
Dat mi nah go mek nuh duppy tap mi fram do weh mi dah go do.
So beg yuh Massa God, jus tell dis duppy fi get outta mi room!


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About Gabrielle Burns

I am a Jamaican at play here in this vast playground in cyberspace....Yes, at times I do like to live dangerously, but I AM also working hard at becoming more interesting by the day... :)
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