Mask: The Gabrielle Burns Anthologies

I have lived many lives,
developing identities
contrary to my own,
anticipating starters’ pistols,
wasting time.
So though you see what I have wrought
do not take this for truth.
It is, as yet,
my mask.


Welcome to the Gabrielle Burns Anthologies.  This is a fledgling effort at journaling and climbing out of a serious creative rut by me, Gabrielle Burns :) .  Although this is a serious attempt to deal with a problem that is now getting in my way, I promise not to take myself too seriously all the time here.  I wouldn’t want any of you to think me (((GASP))) boring!


 Please come this way to read my various collections: my work-in-progress at my Mask and Other Poems; Raising her Voice and Other Poems; Trying Times and Other Stories; my Novel Ideas; my blog – When GOD created JAMAICA, He was just showing off; the photojournal galleries in which I celebrate the beauty around me, that I have just remembered not to take for granted anymore; the various collaborations that I have done with my friends, and much, much more by way of hopefully delightful for you to explore, but nevertheless, expressive effort…  I mean it, there really is more that I haven’t mentioned here…


 Try on with me, the various masks that I have in my closet: of poet, short story writer, novelist, blogger, photographer, activist, academic (snicker) and social commentator.  Who knows, together, we may learn something new and exciting about each other and these lives that we live.  It’s a free world and I’m taking flight, so please come and soar with me!